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Hi, I'm Maddie , a Television Writing & Production B.F.A. graduate from Chapman University. During my time at Chapman,  I directed short films and web-series, and wrote a produced half hour TV pilot. Please Excuse Our Dad has gone on to be selected for the Garden State Film Festival (2021) & the Irvine Internation Film Festival (2021), as well as, the Ivy Film Festival (2020) for its pilot script. 

I've had the opportunity to direct short films abroad in Greece, Branching Off and Spin the Bottleas well as, direct a web series episode, Daddy Issues, while at Dodge. 

During the pandemic, I began to further my wardrobe design with Welcome Fiends, a slow fashion brand that focuses on both individuality and up-cycling. When I am not sewing, I'm writing. Most recently, I was a semi-finalist for NBCUniversal Animation Writers Program.  

I always execute with exceptional detail towards character and story whether it be as a writer, director or costume designer. 


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