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i started sewing after my friend, Jacob, told me he was  getting rid of the sewing machine in his trunk. So i offered to take it off his hands. "I have no clue if it works." "It's fine." This was October '19, so as you can guess, some time later sewing became my quarantine hobby. 

But teaching yourself how to sew - via Youtube - can be a monotonous process, and for a while i was asking anyone i knew who was familiar with sewing for advice with the words:

Help Me, I'm Bored 

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A Fashion Film

nurturing this creative interest has been one of the most rewarding things I've done for myself. there is so much to be said about what a person chooses to wear, but even more about what a person chooses to create for others to wear. whenever someone entrusts me to create a piece for their project, event, or just for their own enjoyment i always feel grateful - especially in this oversaturated market. 
After two years I've gone from sewing crooked seams to creating 7 outfits for a fashion film directed by Jake Carpenter & myself. I'm excited to share the film soon, but for now... feel free to browse the below creations I've made throughout the year. 

All items are available for commission (fabric options may vary).
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Photographed by Brennen Benkey.HEIC

The white daisy dress w/ its adjustable lantern sleeves was created May '21 from 100% cotton material. 

Photography by Brennen Benkey

Photography by Kamil Zeglen 

Repurposed 1960s Dress originally thrifted from La Bomba (Long Beach, CA)

This cotton, polyester baby doll dress was thrifted from La Bomba Vintage in Long Beach, CA. After years of love & wear, it was flipped into a 3-piece set consisting of a pleated mini skirt, shirred tube top with adjustable puff sleeves & a bucket hat. 

Both of the displayed halter top & under-bust corset were created from a 1960s night gown with psychedelic floral print, thrifted from Elsewhere Vintage in Orange County, CA. 

Photography by Shayla Chavez. 

Photography by Kendall Mack

Thrifted from a local Salvation Army, this oversized button down was turned into a retro-style lace-up corset and matching mini skirt.

Photography by Shayla Chavez. 

The moment I saw this fabric at the store, I knew I had to create something out of it. Regardless of it being outdoor fabric, I knew its thick material would make for the perfect corset. 

Photography by Shayla Chavez. 

Curated from one of Gold Coast Estate Sales, I hung onto this piece of fabric for a long time, not quite sure what to do with it. In Winter of 2021, the California 'cold' led me to want to create a dress that's knit, cozy, and breathable. Never wanting to waste any scrapes, I created a pair of gloves after deciding to not attach long sleeves to the dress. 


Photography by Jake Carpenter.

Photography by Jake Carpenter.HEIC
Photo by Jake Carpenter.JPG

Inspired by the cut of a Jagger & Stone dress - and later worn for a 'CAMP' themed party - the fabric from this adjustable halter dress was found through Gold Coast Estate Sales. 

image_6487327 (1).JPG

By far the most time consuming project to date. This Catherine D'lish style robe - made from lavender chiffon - took around 6 hours to cut and sew, and an additional 3 hours to hand stitch the feather boas to the train and bell sleeves. This robe's pattern is what went on to inspire the butterfly sleeve tops I began to create in multiple colors and deadstock fabrics (see below).


Worn by Shayla at Coachella '22

1st butterfly sleeve top made in brown

Commissioned chiffon set for Coachella '22

Royal blue top w/ matching trousers