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Born in Orange County, CA, Maddie grew up just a few blocks from her aluma mater, Chapman University, where she earned her B.F.A. in Television Writing & Production. 

Her love for fashion + art was spawned at a young age, and only flourished as she discovered her love for costume design within film & tv during her time in college.

Currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Maddie continues her love for creative direction and wardrobe construction. She holds onto her belief that both fashion + film must intersect in order to tell a story with honesty, individuality and expression.

When she is not sewing, she's writing. Most recently, Maddie was a semi-finalist for NBCUniversal Animation Writers Program, with her Pre-K pilot script, "Annie the Junior Anthropologist." 


Professionally, Maddie works as a Creative Producer at First Media, generating creative content via Tiktok for brands such as Lunya, Fabletics and HelloFresh. 


Whether it's through branding, fashion or film, she always execute with exceptional detail towards character and story. 



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